Valentine’s Day!

So, it’s Valentine’s Day today and I’m just getting ready to go to a ball! Woohoo! (And yes I have a date…we’ll see how that goes…ha….it’s a friendly one)

The only sad bit about this day is my mum is going home to Liverpool…:( ….she’s been here for a week and it’s been so so lovely to have her here. But she does have to go home (doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it though hey?!)

I was at Tash’s the other night having a few wines and a nice bit of take away while little Alfie ran around, his cute curls bopping around on the top of his head, laughing and dancing. Josh was singing (with an AMAZING little voice…someone takes after their mumma hey?!) and gorgeous little Harry, after dance for a good half an hour crashed, curled up into auntie Liz…..aww I swear, that is one happy house! Tash and Riad are phenomenal parents! They truly are!!

(Don’t know about that food we ordered in though Tash, my tummy was a bit dicky the next day! Ha!)

I got to catch up last week with a few of the Legally Blonde lot too….it was lovely, a spot of lunch with one friend…the pub with others….aww I miss them all so much!!

I’m hoping actually to get a friend from the show into the music industry…. Sinead Long…her voice will BLOW YOU AWAY!!! To cut a long (excuse the pun) story short…I’ve heard her sing in the show and yes her voice is knock out but one night our MD put on a band night for us all in the local Irish pub (Tremendous night….but that not the point…) and Sinead (along with our two lovely friends, Micha and Lori sang an En Vogue song…..Sweet jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus, it was so good! ……so there, now you know my plan….

I have a little secret for you too….(it’s not that interesting for you but it’s great for me) For over ten years now I’ve suffered with pretty bad thread veins on my legs and I’ve been so self conscious about them for years. Well, yesterday I had my first patch test for them to be removed at the Skin Health Spa Marylebone and I am so so excited to get it all under way. It’s just for me really, and I didn’t realise it could be so simple after being so conscious about them.

This weekend I’m off to Devon again to fulfil my part of charity auction and take some lovely auction winners to my friends B&B/Cooking school Garfield House and teach them some moves in the kitchen…we’re also off to the Ashburton cooking school too to have a look around which might not turn you on but I LOVE things like that….then I might get a spot of antique shopping in! Ha!


Right I’m off to attempt some kind of sexy up do for the ball…..See ye soon…..



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