Valentine’s Ball

Well the valentine’s ball was great; I bumped into loads of old friends, and made some new ones.

Marvin was there (who I’ve known for about 10 years) with Aston and Arlene Phillips with James and Ola Jordan from Strictly.. My old friend Faye Tozer was there with her other half sat next to Vicki Michelle who I know from Masterchef too…

It was a funny night to say the least and a lot of money was raised for The Princes Trust…GREAT CAUSE!!

This weekend I headed off to Devon (South Brent to be exact) to my friends B&B … last year we’d offered an auction prize for two couples to come and spend the night and have their food cooked by myself and Helen Tillot ( a great old friend and my home economist ..She’s written books with the best of the celeb chefs out there…Gordon Ramsay for one.) It’s here B&B and it’s just so quiet and lovely. I’ve been a few times now and I just adore it!

WE made some cracking food, we started off with twice baked cheese soufflés and then for mains we had fried savoy cabbage with bacon, original beef wellington, dauphinoise potatoes and this crazy raw carrot in balsamic vinegar mix I do (which is an Italian thing my friend showed me) GOGREOUS!!!!

There wasn’t a thing left on the table! That what I like to see!!

Check out

On the Friday I was lucky enough to be invited round to the Asburton Cookery School and see all their facilities. The place is just knock out and next month I’m going back to do an advanced Chef’s course which I’m absolutely twitching about…

There is a certain vibe there which makes you feel so comfortable and safe because I do know it can be so daunting going to a place like that.

The interesting thing for me though is the range of courses they have, Thai courses, Indian, Special courses for men who’ve never cooked before, dinner party courses and even ones for actual chefs, who just want to brush up on certain things.

I think the fact that it’s in such a tranquil area calms you down too!

Please go on the site and have a look… But don’t chicken out if you think it looks a bit too professional for you, they are the kindest most understanding lot and they will take you through everything step by step.

One last thing, I have to mention how much charity work they do too. When I got there they’d just finished a week long course for young people who were being helped by the Princes Trust (and you know how closely I work with them so I was delighted to hear this)

Oh Hey, I bumped into Kerry the other day. She’s looking great and her boyf is hot and seems like a lovely guy so she’s happy! Ha!

Well all, I’ll speak to you next week…




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