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I’ve been lucky enough to get home for a week… it was just lovely! I stayed with my pops and got to go out with friends, go the flix with my brother and have dinner and a few cocktails with the mumma.

My good friend Jude and I went to the new club Playground in Liverpool. It was a wicked night and we got in rather, rather, rather late…he, he, he…I felt like I was 21 again….But not the next day…lol

Then a few days later we went to Australasia in Manchester for sushi and cocktails, that place has a great vibe and although it was a Monday it was jam packed.

When I got back to London I set straight off to the BBC with Ant Costa to record a special episode of Pointless the quiz show (and my absolute have show) …. my god, I was so so nervous…haha…I have to tell you we didn’t do too well at all but hey ho I still loved it…I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s on…

A few days later I was off to ITV for the Alan Titchmarsh show to talk about the film The Iron Lady AND talk from a Northern, working class point of view about The woman herself (noooooo not Meryl Streep…..who I LOOOOOVE btw…but Maggie T….) I was a tad worried (hmmmmm there’s a running theme here isn’t there…I get worried/nervous quite a bit…lol) because I was under the impression I’d be the only person not gushing about her…..and I was but it went quite well, I said my bit and got a lot of positive feedback (from the northerners of course)

Oooo, last night I got to see the Strictly come dancing tour at the O2… it was so very very good. I was really interested to see the dancing but I really didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I would… it was tremendous! I really recommend it!! I did send Jason Donovan a quick good luck text before the show too….he was so good too! I won’t spoil it for anyone who’s going to see it….so sssshhhhh…

Well I’ll be back soon with more info for you all….

Lots and lots of love,



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