Come on 2012!!!

Well, happy new year to you all!

How are we?

I’m not sure if you saw on Twitter recently but my good friend Michelle Heaton/Hanley has given birth to a lovely little girl that she and Hugh have decided to call Faith. She’s absolutely perfect. That was a lovely start to the new year for everyone. Congratulations to them!

I had an absolutely Great New years eve…. after a little upset at finishing Legally Blonde for good me and a few mates drove to North Yorkshire to our friends beautiful home/estate/farm (all of the above really) and welcomed in the New Year with lots of champagne, next to an open fire, surrounded by dogs and watching the fireworks! It was just tremendous.

I know there’s been a lot of talk on twitter recently after seeing pics of myself, Tash and Jen meeting up for drinks.
The thing is, is that we are all very close and do like to see each other, have a few wines, show recent pics of babies, dogs, decorating and new boyfs (that’s just me obviously as those two are married…lol… you thought you all had a bit of goss then didn’t you….nah…sorry….) We had a lovely few hours together. It’s just something we do.

Christmas was a blast in Newcastle with the North East family…..we went out for dinner which was so good not too wash up and then my best friends mum had her annual house party after…(wasn’t the best idea for me to enjoy it so much as we had a matinee the next day but everyone was feeling the same so it was funny actually) Boxing day brought the Legally Blonde Secret Santa and OUR own crimbo party which was absolutely brilliant!! (even better for me as I had Joe -the best brother ever – with me)

2012 – has already conjured up some VERY exciting offers….
More TV…
More stage…
More Music…
a new business…
and possibly a bit more acting…..
and if they all come to fruition, I am going to be one VERY happy, but busy girl!

Just on a final note….
Throughout 2011 I felt so completely supported by you all and met a lot more of you whilst being on tour and basically, I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” …. I get messages everyday saying such wonderful things, that when times get tough (and they do sometimes, even for a happy bunny like me) I read these messages and it’s YOU that gives me the energy to just go on! If YOU had what you gave me…’d feel this grateful too!


Love you lots…..COME ON 2012……WHAT YE GOT THEN…..?!

Your Lil

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