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Hello family, what’s new with you?!

I’ve been up and down to Liverpool for family visits recently, maybe I should buy shares in Virgin trains? What do you reckon? I was hoping to buy a car up there as I need a new little run around… any ideas on make or models?

Hey, I also brought little Coco-Belle home to London (where she was born) but also as a mega bonus, mum suggested i bring Boo-Boo back too (my HUGE british blue cat) He is so happy here…he relaxes day and night and Coco cleans his ears while he just sits there and purrs. It’s such a sweet sight! I feel like a mummy….:) …… Boo isn’t allowed out yet as you have to keep them indoors for a while when they move….but he seems absolutely fine!

I was up in Manchester recently too, filming with the hilarious Angelos Epitemous… (I think we’ll ago that he’s not all there!) for his show that will hopefully be out soon on Channel 4…. I had full on belly ache after laughing so much! He’s great!

Had a few days in Newcastle too with friends so I could get to Sunderland to do press with Matthew Kelly for the December leg of the Legally Blonde tour…god I’m SO excited to get back with the company and get back into the highly flammable Paulette outfits! (those fabrics coupled with the amount of hairspray on my wig makes for a slightly more nerve wracking show! LOL!

I’ve been trying to still do the skipping everyday while I’ve been back in London… that’s how the whole cast keeps fit as it’s such an energetic show… and I don’t want to fall behind when I get back…. (what I’m basically trying to say is … (I don’t want to be the old one, out of breath panting at the back!).

I’m sure you all heard on twitter that I took over Aldo Zilli’s fish restaurant a month or so ago… I was head chef for the night and my god, was it hard work!! We did about 90 covers (dishes) in under 3 hours! It was so so so satisfying though! The sense of achievement after all the craziness is incomparable! I do know why people become so passionate… it’s such a rush and completely different from being on stage! Check out some pics from the night on here…

Hey, have any of you seen “The Help” the film… Please do, if you haven’t! I just thought it was tremendous! It made me cry my eyes out….  Another one that had the same affect on me was the new Michael Jackson documentary… it was truly intriguing!

But on a lighter note, myself and the little (but not so little these days) brother went to see the new Footloose film… we were so worried as the original is so dear to our hearts… but honestly I thought it was a fitting remake (although the first is still the best…but it was really enjoyable to see it up to date and done with true respect to the original).

One last thing…can i just rave about Downton Abbey for a bit?? My good friend Joanne Froggatt is in it and she was filling me in on their amazing trip to the Emmy’s! Wow! I’m so happy for all of the cast that it has taken off over there too…. another thing for us to be proud about and British tv is really picking up all over the world! That makes me very happy!  I’m a huge fan of the show anyway and when Lord Gratham had a little snog with the maid last week I actually jumped off the sofa shouting “noooooo”….. poor Boo and Coco (who were both napping at the time jumped out of their skin! Oops!

Well, love to all and I’ll see you all soon….. don’t forget that I’ll be in Sunderland for December with Legally Blonde if you want to catch us…..

Your Liz


Thank you all for your well wishes for Tilly-Mint (mum’s little doggy who had a very rough time recently with her emergency surgery etc…. she’s doing so very very well and I mean it in all honesty when I say that I’m sure if so many of you hadn’t put good vibes out to the universe for her, it may have been a different story…. So, THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts!!



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