Crimbo is-a-comin’!

Hello, hello, hello….

Well I have to say I’ve had a really funny week….the days have been polar opposites to the nights…

Daytimes have been full of painting walls, measuring, DIY-ing and running around B&Q in jogging pants and a top knot….

Nighttimes however were false eyelashes, high heels and a hell of a lot of hairspray for launches and parties and seeing friends I haven’t seen for ages….

Oh, oh ,oh ,oh…. and I bought a car too! Woohoo! I haven’t had one for well over a year now so I was looking for something fun and small….and boy did I find it…my own little brum-brum machine….yay!

I’ve been really trying to do some crimbo shopping too as obviously December won’t be the easiest time to do that with the whole Legally Blonde show…but I’m not the in crimbo mood for it….any ideas to get me in the jolly holiday mood people??

Oooo, I went to see Shrek on Saturday and I absolutely loved it…  I thought it was so well cast and it really had me laughing…  I would most certainly recommend it!!!

Well everyone I know this has been short but I’m in the DIY place and I’m not going to tell you how I dropped a tin of paint in the sink and smashed a ton of dishes! (damn! just did!) ….ha….

See ye soon doooooooooooods…… a night out with Tash later in the week so I’m sure we’ll have a few stories from there……



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