Coco & Boo!

Ooooooooo I’m twitching to tell you what I had MASSIVE meeting about the other day! You would be so blumming excited for me….but I CAN’T…rubbish! Top secret (even though they know I can’t hold my own water…lol) But I do promise that if it comes out the way I want it to, I’ll be telling you all about it instantly…..

Moving on….

I’ve been Christmas shopping and I’m already getting stressed as I’m treating November like it’s December (does that make sense at all..) because I’ll be in Legally Blonde for December I need to get it all done NOW! Grrrr….Stress head McClarnon!!

I took little Coco and Boo to their new Vet the other day…he said they’re very calm for young ones…aww I was very proud…they just had checkups and their injections….they weren’t even bothered, they just sat there. (Please god, if I ever have children, let them be the same…) but Boo HATES travelling in the car if he can’t sit on my knee…he’s such a mummy’s boy…but of course if you’re driving that just can’t happen…so he was crying away until I opened his cage and he started purring instantly….easily pleased (wish there were more men in my life like that! Lol!)

Coco goes to doggy fresh some days when I’m in town now, she loves it and her half sister is there too. I am a good mum I think….:)

Oh god, here’s a new pic of Boo that I put on twitter the other day….the boy is getting HUGE…he’s my bear!


Can you see how big he is next to my hand…and he’s so flipping heavy too! (He still thinks he can sleep on my head in the middle of the night though, like he did when he was a kitten..)

OH….just to let you all know, Me and some of the other cast members of Legally blonde (including Matthew Kelly) are turning on the Christmas lights in Washington (North East that is not Washington D.C…obviously) in December so be sure to come and say Bonjour!

Well, I’m off to pick up my mumma from the train station as she’s staying for the weekend and we have a birthday do tonight!

Love to all you gorgeous lot!



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