Are you ready for me Sunderland?!

Happy week lovers….

Wow, I’ve not been very good at doing my decorating y’know….I’ve measured up all the walls etc ( I’m doing like block pattern and I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…lol) I started and realised I’d measured up wrong so I had to buy the original wall colour and paint over the lot….RAGGGHHHHHHHHH!

But I have been getting everything together to leave for the North and I’ve got my lovely chum Jaime house sitting for me for December….ahhh, she’s a doll (not literally…)

Boo (my bear of a cat) has got cabin fever I’ve decided, because I’ve not long brought him here from mum’s house where he was for a while and when they move, you have to keep him in for a bit don’t you…well he used to be a bit of a hunter in the old house and bring us “presents” shall we say….y’know what I mean?? Little furry presents?! …it makes you scream and run off but if you understand cats, that means they’re doing that because they love you and want to show you (ha imagine if that was fellas too….FIRST DATE…”I thought about bringing flowers, but I went with a dead mouse instead! Do you love me?” *smile*…) So basically Mr Boo is attacking my slippers at the end of the bed in the middle of the night and I’m waking up thinking someone’s broken in and wondering why the alarm hasn’t gone off, then Coco (small doggy) is barking at him (as much as they love each other I guess it has to happen)telling him off for waking us up and he just strolls back to his bed like lord of the manor…so I took him to the vet just in case, I think my new vet thinks I’m a nut job, worrying about the slightest thing…ha. Well, Mr Boo’s only got another week and I’ll let him out to explore his surroundings….

Oh, a quick thing to tell you….myself, Matthew Kelly and Faye Brookes (who plays Elle Woods) will be turning the Christmas lights on in Washington if any of you are around there?!

So it’s the sisterhood ball tonight and I’m tres excited mucho (that right?! thought so….(;..) …..we have a bit of futuristic theme going on so I thought (being as I’m in the Christmas mood) I’d go sparkly….pics to follow on here and twitter I’m sure…

Then I’m off home for a few days to drop off some stuff as my half way point between here and Sunderland (YES! I do know Liverpool is the other side of the country to Sunderland and London….but I can’t drive north without going there first, it’s like the wind pushes me that way….)

Well anyways, next time I write to you I’ll be in the middle of packing ….HURRAH!! So excited!!

I’ve been getting lots of checking up texts from the cast and countdown texts…so sweet! I have missed them all so very, very, very much!!!

Bis bald! (Oh yeah and I bought a German language cd set thing….I fancied it…)


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