My lovely chums…

I am so very sorry I’ve been M.I.A. recently. Being on tour has been quite crazy and a times truly hilarious so, I’ve been slightly distracted to be honest and also with Twitter now I can keep you up to date on the go!

So, what’s new? Everyone loving X-Factor? I’m loving Tulisa and Gary doing it. I’m still not too sure who’s mat fave act at the minute though. Maybe, The Risk?!

The Legally Blonde Tour has been a tremendous first three months for me, so much so that I cannot wait to get back into it in December for another full month. I’ve learnt so much being on that tour, I cannot tell you how much.  I think now that it’s my favourite thing to do. I LOVE performing every single night, the instant reaction from the crowds and the laughs on stage AND off!!

I’ve got so much happening next year straight after my part in the tour finishes. I WISH I could tell you it all… but you know how it goes….

I’ve moved into a lovely new place and I’m just in the middle of decorating it all. I’m so happy at the minute, I wish I could just bottle this feeling and sell it, I’d be a VERY rich woman… hahahaha..

So this was just a short message to say

“HELLO AGAIN…and I’ll see you soon!”

Lots of love to all!

Your Lil xx


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