Busy bee!

Helllllllo! I’m sorry I’ve not been on to say Bonjour in a while but I’ve moved house and am basically STILL unpacking boxes! Ha…how me is that…scatty! Ha!

I’ve been very busy too…. I love being busy.

All last week I was on The Wright stuff which I had a real laughing doing as I was on there with my lovely friend Steve Furst andย I get on so well with Mathew and his wife.ย  It was hard getting up for it on Wednesday as we were at the Brit Awards on Tuesday night and it’s never a quiet one…ha oddly!

Adele was amazing at the Brits. We were all just overwhelmed by her. But also Jessie J was brilliant as she sang before the tv cameras came on and knocked our socks off!

So yes I did have a naughty little hangover on Wednesday.

Lovely Mathew also invited us out for lunch on the Thursday. J Sheekey! It was yum yum yum! Thanks Mathew!

I’ve taken up polo lessons as well (if your on twitter you’d see that) initially just so I could play in a charity game last night at the O2….for which I was so nervous, but now I’ve carried on because I love it so much!

I wasnt the beat last night, it has to be said, because I was so nervous I forgot everything I’ve been taught. I nearly cried before I went on. I was desperate for someone to say why don’t you just sing instead! Ha…sooooo much easier! But hey, I’m not a rider or a polo player so I’m very proud of myself! Its weird as well because im the ONLY person i know thats not competitive! Im kinda like. Oh well, we didnt win!

Im now in love with a beautiful pony called Bumble who looked after me so well yesterday. I bought her a huge bag of organic carrots that I fed to her after the match and she was very happy! She was nudging me for a about 20 mins after trying to get more out of me.

I hope very much that you’ve all been keeping up with Hotter Than My Daughter as I’m loving this series, it’s cracking me up with our selection of mums!

BBC3 Tuesday’s 8:30pm!

Hey I went to see Tash in Blood Brothers the other day and she was truly amazing!! I was so proud that I was crying at the beginning! Ha! I keep telling her how food she is!!

Hey I’m kinda liking a bit of yoga these days you know….I know you wouldn’t think it’s very me! But I like it. So watch this space Geri Halliwell might be ring me for tips soon! Lol.

I have a new home and it’s all very bare at the minute but wow it’s lovely! I’m close to all my friends and I already know the area as I lived here years ago! In front Od as I type this though I can see tens of boxes just sitting there staring at me, waiting to be unpacked and it’s times like this that I wish I could snap my fingers and it’d all be done!

I’d better get to work then!

Don’t forget to check out my food blog eery Tuesday on village.co.uk …….

Much love



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