New years blog!

Commmmmmmmmmmmme on!

  T’is the new year and i am sooooooo ready for it!

Yeah, yeah, 2010 was OK but i know what’s happening this year so it’s all go and excitement at BeltaHQ!!

Hotter Than My Daughter is starting in the middle of this month and i just CANNOT wait! I’ve seen the first few episodes and it is so much more funny than last year and ooooooo the mums….hehehehe!

Don’t forget to be checking up on twitter for my updates and logging onto iVillage to see my very hoest food blogs from over christmas etc….

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all my lovely online managing chums….Ollie & Jez, you are bloody stars love you!!! Maria, Krissie and others who help with so much.
Thank you so much for everything in 2010 and lets make 2011 even better than we imagined…
(& a little NYE shout out to Gem)

I’ll be back to the grind again in a few days so i’ll have lots to tell you….

Till then….MWAH!!



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