New Year, new me!

Well Well, Well….

Are we back into the swing of things?

Any of you doing the obligatory New Year diet?
I’m just eating healthy AND started these dance classes when I’ve got time called Zumba! Love it! I think it’s really going to take off! Google it or something…I think it’s better than going to the gym! Ha….so I’ll keep you posted on that and let you know if it works…

Any crazy new year’s resolutions?
Mine is to NOT drink wine! I figured, my weight only became an issue when I started drinking it so for now I’m giving it a swerve until I feel a bit better….(that means until the Brit awards! ha)

I have to say I’m REALLY missing being on tour!!
I got on with everyone sooo well that I do feel like a little bit of me is missing! 🙁
I miss Jason’s crazy antics and warm ups….miss Rhyd’s stories, I miss Lily’s nutty plans for nights out and Facebook obsession and so much more! I feel (oddly) more grown up now I’ve done my first musical…I wanted to for so long and put it off quite a lot and now the first one is over…..weird!!
I LOVED going around the cities again and getting to see you all….I love Britain and I miss seeing you all too!

So let’s see what I can get next…a little closer to home maybe…you never know….fingers crossed!!

Ooooooo and don’t forget to go and see Tash at the Pheonix Theatre in Blood Bothers! She starts soon and yes you will see me there quite a few times…work permitting!

Hey I’d LOVE to know what you all think of my iVillage blog that I do every week…it’s a food blog and I’m enjoying it actually!
If you’ve read it you’ll see that I’m pretty bloody honest because I’m sick of those saccharin blogs that don’t tell you what the food is REALLY like! Also, over Christmas I kept it to eating out etc but now we’re back into our routines I’ll be sharing new ingredients I’ve found…little cheats for those of you with a busy lifestyle and things like that! So check it out and let me know what you think.

I am VERY excited to tell you that Hotter Than My Daughter will be back on your BBC3 screens from Tuesday,
18th January and I cannot wait for you to tell me what you think of the new set etc…..arghhhhhhh! I really am excited!!!!
I might do a little wee!

So DO check it out as it’s our baby that we are very proud of! hehehe…

Much love to all and speak soon….

Liz x x x x x x x

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