New series of Hotter Than My Daughter!

Mothers and daughters of Britain, weep no more! Liz returns every Tuesday at 8.30 on BBC Three from 18th January, on a mission to help those mothers who’ve taken high fashion to the stratosphere, leaving their daughters down on ‘Planet Plain and Simple’!

It’s all new this series, filmed on a glossy, glamorous new set. It is here, in the heart of London’s East End that a top team of experts including fashion stylist Kate Barlow, make-up artiste Victoria Penrose and hairstylists Sam Burnett (Rush) and Andrew Curtis (Ames & Curtis) create a stunning new look for both mum and daughter.

It’s an emotional double reveal as the duo strut their stuff on the catwalk and are unveiled to each other for the first time. The pair discovers a newfound confidence as they’re reunited and show off their fabulous new style.

Mum and Daughter and after the first "reveal".

Packed with jaw-dropping moments and genuine warmth, Hotter than my Daughter transforms warring women to fashionable friends.

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