All change at Clapham

Hello you sexy lot! How’s life with you all?

I’m having a whale of a January! (Ok I know that’s not the right saying…but hey… poetic license and all that!)

I’m currently staying with my bestest chum Scott as my flat is “being prepared” shall we say for me to move in at the end of the month! (Don’t laugh you KNOW I’m not domestic!)

WOW! Did you know that I’ve NEVER lived alone and in a way I am Cacking my pants!! I’ve always had someone there to “look after me” really!

Well, I will have CoCo-Belle but I doubt very much she can make me a brew in the morning! (hmmmm, note to self….find out 😀 )
But it’s a bit mad if you think about it, I’m 30 and never lived alone (bloody boys always try and take over your life! ha!)….I mean I’ve had houses but rented them out or lived with someone BUT I am still very close to my closest mates, Scotty and Mark, Ant, Viv; and Michelle Heaton text me to say she’s moving round the corner from my flat with her new hubby Hugh (who’s such a doll and so good for her!) ….so I’m definitely NOT going to be lonely! I’m doing all the looking for furniture and trying to work out exactly what my taste is because, honestly I have no idea! Ha!

Any ideas??

Sooo…Hotter Than My Daughter is back on our screens and thanks to YOU it got the most viewers ever! I’m so grateful that you all love it and continue to watch it as I am particularly proud of this series and everyone who worked on it! We were the highest rating show! Wow!  THANK YOU!! Don’t forget, every Tuesday at 8:30pm on BBC3!

We had big party last Tuesday for the first episode and everyone who worked on the show was there! God, I had the hangover from hell the next day! Ha, ha! But it was sooo worth it!

Ant and I had a great night out the other day at the opening of the Anesis spa in Clapham… I was filming the Vanessa show for channel 5 so Ant came and picked me up. That night we met a few of the cast (if you will) from The Only Way Is Essex…and aw that Harry (“Shaaaa ap!”) was a sweetie! We painted Clapham red….we had such a scream!

Hey, I’m thinking of doing a bit of Yoga, what you think? I dunno….I need to exercise and I’m not really the jogging type! Let me know what you think…..

Hey, can I recommend something to you….a book….don’t laugh! My friend’s sister gave it to me for Christmas and I haven’t been able to put it down. It’s called “Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?” by Jena Pincott….it’s basically full of facts such as “Do women choose husbands who look like their fathers?” Why is blushing sexy?”, Why shouldn’t you spill everything about yourself on a first date?” and “Are people naturally monogamous?”….see I love things like that and it really is interesting! Have a look….

I was on Radio one xtra the other day having a lovely chat with Gemma Cairney about “Hotter…” she was lovely and I’ll be at radio one again soon.

It’s Tash’s opening night for Blood Bothers on Monday and I’m so excited for her! We won’t go that night because I reckon she’ll be a bit nervous! I’m so proud of her! I’ll go and see her a few days later I reckon.

I might even go and watch Kerry on Dancing on Ice soon.
Well I’m off to write up my iVillage blog…..don’t forget to check it out…

Much love and see you soon chaps!
Liz xxxxxxxx

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