On tour!

So I’m on tour, just leaving Glasgow for Sheffield. On a mega tour bus! It’s like o moving apartment.

Jeff is on his iPhone sending emails, Jason is learning lines for The Sound Of Music, Chris Thompson is learning Dutch, Rhydian is asleep in a bunk, Lily is sleeping off a mini pre-birthday hangover, Michael is looking a bit sneaky on his Blackberry and I’m here talking to you beauties! We of course have our production coordinator and Producer on the bus as well busy planning ahead and trying to get us around the show and setting up interviews etc….nice little atmosphere on here.

The show last night was smashing but of course all audiences up north always give a brilliant reaction!

We’re in the North West soon and I’ve been told that it’s my job to sort out nights out etc….UH-OH!!

I can’t wait to get to the Echo Arena and sing for pretty much ALL of my family! Tash will be coming too, can’t wait to see her!
Bloody hell, I hope I get a good response at home!

Liverpool, please cheer loudly for me…hehehehe.

It’s been great so far but I forgot how touring does take it out of you.
We had to travel around a lot for Hotter Than My Daughter (which will be shown in January!! WooHoo!) but it’s nothing like this! I’m trying to be good and stay away from all the yummy yummy food in catering! ….it’s sooooo tough!

Hey, I’m part of the iVillage family now too! If you check out their site you’ll see that I’m one of their new food bloggers! I’m really enjoying giving my VERY honest opinion on foods around the country while I’m on tour and when the tour finishes, you know how much I LOVE to eat out so I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the restaurants I’m in. I like being honest because we need to know where is good these days because a lot of people don’t have the cash to mess around paying for poor food! Soooo be aware British restaurants, if you see me coming…you know I’ll be honest!

I’m sure you’re all aware by now about my piece in Hello mag…I’m Single and I promise to let you in on all that soon…when it becomes less raw.

But hey, I’m ok!

I miss little CoCo-Belle being on tour…she’d love it! She’s already quite fond of Rhyd and Lily….awww!

Well, I’m off because if I don’t stop typing soon I will defo vom! Ha…..

Love to all and hope the Crimbo shopping is going well!

Liz xxxxx

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