One of Liz’s biggest Dutch fans Marika went to see Liz performing at the opening War of the Worlds production in Amsterdam last week. Read her write up of the show and meeting Liz again for the first time in 7 years!

"On Thursday we went to the War of the Worlds in Amsterdam. I met the great Jez in Rotterdam, and together with Sofia we drove to Amsterdam by car. After waiting for one year after we pruchased our tickets for this show, we were very excited to see Liz. Finally the show started and Liz came up, was amazing and looked beautifull on stage! The show was good, the music was fantastic, such a big live band with Jeff Wayne on the front and fantastic players. Finally, after two hours or so, it was time to meet Liz! First I had to get my camera back, because the security took it from me, but after that I was ready. Then we had to try to find someone who could let us backstage, everyone send us to someone else but finally we were at the right door! We went up with an elevator and we immediatly saw Liz in the hallway, someone pointed us to a room and said that he will send Liz to us. And there she was !! She was all smiling and happy and really smelled nice ;-). We couldnt chat for long because she had to go into the bus, back to her hotel, but her friend Lilly was really great because she packed al Liz’s things so Liz could stay with us :D! (Thank you for that Lilly) I had a little present for Liz’s doggy, a toy, she said it was really nice but that he would probaly hump it instead of playing with it…. but it’s the thought that counts right? Then this guy came again, I think he was the tourmanager, to tell Liz and Lilly they had to go, so we quickly made some pictures and said our goodbyes. It was seven years since the last time i’ve met Liz, but again it was the best night of my life! Thank you Liz (and Lilly & Jez too). Love, Marika"

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