Christmas message

Ho Ho Ho……

Jolly, merry Crimbo greetings to one and all!

I’m just popping on to wish you the loveliest christmas and the most 
gorgeous new year!

May you give to make people smile and may your belly end up the size 
of a house!

I’m looking forward to this time off and a little bit of rest as i’m 
feeling a tad old because my back’s given in on me…hehehe…too much 
tour bus traveling me thinks….

I’ve just wrapped the last of my prezzies and i’ll be heading down the 
M1 tomorrow to spend Christmas up North!

I’m pretty sure mum has already bought the Advocat to make Snowballs 
(which we half drink and half spit into the plant pots), i’ve been on 
the phone, arranging times with dad for christmas day gift swapping 
and Joe is planning lots of boys nights out with his mates (although 
this year he has given me christmas eve to have a few drinkies with 
me, mum etc…very cool!) so all is going to plan….

It’s been a very different year for me….i did my first musical tour, 
(thank you to all of you who came to watch) , filmed the 2nd series of 
Hotter Than My Daughter ( which starts in January) and had some great 
offers come in for next year…not too mention a few ups and downs 
emotionally….After the piece in Hello i’m sorry to say that Rob and 
I will not be getting back together BUT it is all for the best and we 
remain friendly….but it does make you think….so who IS "the one"???
BUT, don’t fret, i’m cool, i feel strong and confident…you know 
me…i’m a good single gal!!
AND… never know what 2011 holds for ALL of us!!

Baring "all of us" in mind…I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone 
through the year who has egged me on, been with me all the way and in 
general just been there….you don’t see it on my face but some days 
get you down and just seeing/ hearing from one of you makes everything 
better….and i mean that!

Anyway, I’ll be back in the new year with my face splattered on your 
TV screen…’re gonna get a bit sick of me….

Hope you like my festive recipes on here……

Much love to you all…..I’m grateful to have you all in my 
life…Thank you for caring……MWAH!!!!



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