X Factor and I’m a Celeb, brilliant!

Hellllllo there!
How’s life for you gorgeous lot?!
Anything exciting happening….?

I’ve been a very good girl this past week…having early nights and no drinking as I’m in the middle of rehearsals for The War Of The Worlds….WooHoo! You might have seen the adverts for it on telly in the middle of X factor and I’m a celeb…doesn’t Rhyd look nuts with his wig on! He looks like a completely different man! Ha!
I just CANNOT wait for it all to start now…I’m so ready to go on tour NOOOOWWWWWWW!!!

Ooooo, I just mentioned X factor there….who we loving?! Or more importantly, who we hating…hehe….
I LURVE Rebecca!!! And before you all roll your eyes and say "of course you do, she’s a scouser!"…..I actually think she is amazing! What a talent!!!! Wow! I’d buy her album in a flash!! And I’m pretty sure she’ll have one out even if she doesn’t win!
That Katie is starting to make me feel a bit nervous! Know what I mean?? I can’t put my finger on it but I’m not keen on people who are that far out….dunno….

I’m a celeb… is hilarious too! I bet I’m not the only one who was like "who the hell are these lot?!" (except a few of course…) But it has been so good to watch and we’re only a few days in! Stacey is brilliant because I had a little cry with pride for her when she jumped out (got pushed out) of that helicopter! She was so so brave! And she’s had me in stitches too!
Loved when Lembit said, the cheeky girl didn’t know who he was when he met her…..Err hello love….why would she! Cheeky girl and politics?!?! Hmmmmm…?
No fanciable boys in it this year though!
Major disappointment!! 🙁

Moving on….
I’ve not long got back from Ireland with the Mumma…I was over doing Promo with Rhydian for TWOTW…which was a laugh…and mum was giving Rhydian a counselling session! Haha (that is what she does!)….

I had a wicked photo shoot the other day….well two actually…both with my lovely chum for years, Costa-pants…(Antony!)
One was for Closer mag which you will see very soon so keep your eyes peeled!…cryptic…cryptic….
And the other was a promo shoot for our own pics….aw we had a laugh! And had a very special stylist that day…but I’ll let Ant tell you more about her….cryptic…cryptic…hehehe…aren’t I evil….hehehe…

Also I was in the studio again having a lovely little sing song which you’ll find out more about soon!

Hey…guess what…this site is going to be re launched VERY soon…ooo and let me tell you it is looking sexy time! hehehe…not me like, the site!
But there are always new recipes on here so keep checking for those….

Errrr…The Only Way Is Essex is over for now! Not happy! I’d like to see Kirk’s dimples again! hehe…

This week Hello mag is out and if you like to keep up to date with my personal life then I advise you get it….bit of a sad one in there for you…I promise to tell you more soon…but can’t at the mo….:(
But don’t worry or anything, I’m always upbeat (you know me…) ….x

Hey, don’t forget to follow little old me on twitter!! @LizMcclarnon….

Love you lots….
Miss me until next week…MWAH!

Lil Mac xxxxx

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