Wellllllll Hellllllllllo!

Wellllllll Hellllllllllo! (Said in my best Leslie Phillips impression..)

 Legend Leslie Phillips and I at the London Lifestyle Awards

Well, I have finally caught up on some sleep and am ready to share a crazy month or so with you! Hope you’ve been checking out my twitter while I’ve been on radio silence from the site.
Wow….so much has happened since I wrote last….

I guess the main thing to start on is "Hotter Than My Daughter" filming… haha…. we had some Classic (shall we say….) mums this series….

Boobs out, bums on show, lippy everywhere, platforms, no bras, etc…. also we did have rather gorgeous mums too and daughters with no confidence what so ever! Which I have to say was sometimes hard for everyone involved to deal with. There were lots and lots more tears this series too! Even from me!!

But, the studio is completely different… lots of sparkle with a catwalk set in my own little boutique that can truly be called "Hotness Heaven"…. I’m soooooooooo freaking excited for you to see it!!!!

Also the crew were absolutely fabulous! I’ve never met such ardent professionals! Honestly, everyone was so tired towards the end and they just cracked on with it! Endemol is a brilliant company to work with! Just ask Jen, who’s been recording "Snog…" recently too!

I was at the London Lifestyle awards the other day which was such good fun as I was sat next to the Legend Leslie Phillips all night! That man is hilarious!! Such a gent too! I presented the award for Best London Theatre Show which ended up as Les Mis! (of course…although I’d ‘be’ just as happy if Wicked won, because I’d have loved to have bent the ear of the casting person from that (wink wink!)

It was quite apt me presenting that award actually because we’ve just started doing the regional promotion for "Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds – Alive On Stage"….and found out that someone actually ends up on fire on stage!!! (Not me! Ha) … my god, it’s gonna ‘be sooo good! If you fancy buying tickets for it (hurry because we’ve already had to add extra dates…it’s selling out!) I’ll put the website at the bottom of this blog!

I was also at the the "Inspirational Women" awards the day before and I got to meet the two girlies from "Seven Days!"…. I like Laura, don’t know if I’m that keen on the blondie bird (sorry!)

I’ve been super healthy you know!! Like, really! Going to the gym (Virgin Active baby!) to see my lovely lady trainer Maria! (Ok pick your jaw up from the floor please… it’s not that shocking! Ha) She’s brilliant with me, she doesn’t shout at me but she does do a lot of intensive stuff! I feel great after it! (weird hey?! Ha) because I’ve got a photo shoot for Closer on Tuesday that’ll show my results (SHOCK!) … fingers crossed I look good!

Talking of shoots, I had one for OK mag with my friend Caprice the other day. We had a good catch up and put the world to rights! Ha! We’re actually very similar y’know, I’ve known her for quite a while now! I also did one for Hello which you’ll see soon…

I went back to Liverpool too, to do the Pride Of Merseyside awards…. that was just a night full of happy tears, sad tears… and lots of tissues!  I met an exceptionally brave young girl who has a charity called "Amy’s Wish"….check out her website as I’ve decided to help her raise as much money as possible!

I saw my new godson Jake when I went home too! OMG he’s stunning! I’m not looking forward to all the girls crying over him when he’s older!!! Ha!

I’ve been working a lot with the company SK:N…. I opened their new shop in Liverpool and they’ve been great to me…. lots of treatments… woohoo!

So as you can see I have been a bit busy but I did get to chill over the weekend! I went to Champneys! WOW, that is a classy place, with a cracking spa set in beautiful countryside next to Tring! Tring was lovely too. I think I’ll take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone at Champneys for looking after me and very much helping me chill out!  And I think I’ll book myself and mum in just before Christmas! Lovely!

Don’t forget, while you’re on here to check out all my recipes! Yum! I’m hungry now! Ohhhhh and that reminds me…. I have a kitchenware range coming out next year!! Affordable but fantastic quality! It took me ages to go over it all and design it! Who knew you had so many choice of materials etc! Ha!

Well lovelies, I’m jumping off the Liverpool to London train now to get into the studio with some cracking song writers from a V V popular music competition show! (answers on a postcard please…hehe!)

Lots of love to you all!!!

Liz xxxxxxxxx

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