Changes to The War of The Worlds Germany production

Some changes have been made to the German production of The War of The Worlds, due to take place in Jaunary 2011.

The production will now feature a full German cast, meaning that Liz and the original 2010/2011 cast members will no longer feature in this part of the production.  You will of course still see Liz and Jason playing opposite each other during the show’s tour of Holland, Belgium, Ireland and the UK.


Hermjo Klein, CEO of ACE Entertainment, today announced that his company’s promotion of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds, currently scheduled to tour Germany in January 2011 is being postponed until December 2011.

Originally to be performed entirely in English, and featuring the cast that will tour Holland, Belgium, Ireland and the UK before arriving in Germany, Klein commented that the key reason for the postponement was the result of major feedback from the media, Ace’s partners, and the venues across Germany where TWOTW was to play, concluding that like almost all stage productions where storyline, narrative and lyrics are all heavily featured and interwoven, it would be best to create a totally German production featuring a German cast.

This will include replacing the one technological performance, that of its leading character, The Journalist – portrayed as an 11-foot high spellbinding ‘floating’ hologram that has featured the late Welsh actor Richard Burton since TWOTW began its arena tours across the world in 2006. Burton’s performance will now be performed by a renowned German actor, soon to be announced.

"I believe Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds’ will enchant German audiences of all ages in the same way it has in every country it has toured over the previous 4 years. Both audiences and critics alike have hailed TWOTW as one of the most unique combinations ever seen of cutting edge technologies set against the live performance of over 50 musicians and leading performers.

While the story is that of an invasion from Mars set in Victorian England originally authored by English author HG Wells, Jeff Wayne’s musical interpretation is both passionate and filled with hope for the world we live in. I look forward to bringing this wonderful show to Germany next December ".

Hermjo Klein
Ace Entertainment

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