I’m sat on the train to Edinburgh chilling with a lovely cuppa reading my script for Hotter Than My Daughter.
Yay! I’m excited! We’ve got some cracking "ladies" for you on this series! Ohhhh my, we have!

If you’re on twitter you’ll know I’ve been poorly recently, well feeling so much better! Thank you for all my well wishes! You’re all so nice to me!

It was my gorgeous brother Joe’s birthday last Monday and I took him to the expendables premiere! He loved it but there was a bit too much blood and cracking of bones for me! (I can hear you all shouting at the computer now saying "errrr hello! What did you expect?!" ha! We went for a few drinkys after too and that was a great laugh!!
I’ve had such a week of pampering really, if I had a TV crew following me you’d think it was Katie Price’s itv show. I was in Harley street getting a few little treatments (oooo get me) at Sk:n then I had my eyelashes done, I have always factored time to get ready in the morning but with my usual day’s schedule it’s a rare luxury to have much spare time to spend on myself. On Friday I was treated to a full set of Lash Perfect semi permanent eyelash extensions and even had a home visit from Lash Perfect’s therapist Klaes Andersson for the treatment. I am used to having my make up done for me ready for shows and TV but this was an entirely different experience. It was relaxing and only took just over an hour (the treatment also includes collagen anti-wrinkle eye patches which was a bonus!). I was left with long, thick lashes giving the appearance of mascara but with no clumps!

Now I can just get up and go without spending time on making my eyes look fantastic. Thank you Lash Perfect!Extentions (at sleek by Michelle) and my colour and a cut done at Daniel Galvin junior by Alfie (who btw is hilarious if you really want to enjoy a day in the salon!!) I’m so having a girly day there soon!!
Joe went home on Friday morning then mumma joined me on Saturday for a few days. She had some appointments. Then he took my little CoCo home to Liverpool for a few weeks so I could go on the road filming for "Hotter…"
I’ve left my boyf will a full fridge and meals ready to go! (that I made! Of course!) You know boys, you’ve got to help them along! I have no doubt I’ll get a phone call though saying "can you come home now? I’ve run out of food!" ha!
I had a wicked live show in Sheffield on Wednesday with Eliot Kennedy! We did Whole Again together and it was such a laugh! I travelled up with Scotty driving, me in the front and Joe and Ant Costa-pants in the back with Coco! Haha! We were all listening to 90’s music and singing pretty much all the way with about 28 toilet stops! Ha! We couldn’t stay there though; I had to come back for a live show…3@three to talk about something very close to my heart. Dunno whether or not you caught it! We then joined all three presenters and itv peeps upstairs for many, many drinks! Haha!! Joe and I ended up in China Tang (yumyumyum) on park lane with Rob. We had a lovely night!

Well, I have to get off the train now! And can I just say it’s been a lovely journey here!!! Everyone up here is ALWAYS so gorgeous to me! So thanks to everyone on the train for making it so pleasant for me!
See y’all next week!
Much love,

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