Wimbledon, weddings, yachts, and Mica Paris!

Well, well. Well….
For those of you on Twitter, remember I said I was going to swap my gas guzzling car for a little electric one? Well, I think may have found a suitable model… The new Mitsubishi electric car. It’s a nippy little thing. I had a photo shoot for Recognize mag and I test drove it. Was tres happy with it. Fab! So look out for me in one of those soon.

I’ve just put mumma on a train; she’s going back to Liverpool after a lively long weekend here. We took her to Wimbledon, on a yacht, to a STUNNING French restaurant!! I think she was pretty happy with the weekend to be honest.

Actually, I have to say, it was MUCH more chilled than last weekend. We were at Brendan and Zoe’s wedding and OH MY GOD, we had a brilliant time!! What a good blumming do that was!! I think it’ll be in Hello mag pretty soon actually! So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Oh, and this week I fit in time to have lunch with the great Mica Paris. It was for a TV show "The Great British Menu" but they adapted it and called it the great British waste menu…but with all the usual suspects from the original show. It was about not throwing food away and being wasteful. It was really insightful I have to say (and you’d hardly ever hear me say that!)!! But after Mica, myself and a gorgeous personal trainer called Jaqui all went for a little drinky. I loved it, she’s hilarious…you should’ve heard the conversations…hahaha. I can’t put it on here! Haha. So I think we all might go out for a spot of dinner this week. That’ll be lovely!

Thursday was a crazy day! I had early meetings from very first thing, all day until a late dinner meeting at a v posh place in Soho…I’m sure you can imagine…that went on for a WHILE! Ha. All the meetings were amazing and I just want to blurt out everything I found out that day but I promise, as soon as I can I’ll put it up on here. The last one was about clothes…VERY interesting!!!

Hotter Than My Daughter filming starts soon! Yay!!! I cannot wait to get back into it! It’s such a laugh with the crew and the mums; it’s not like work at all!!

Can I ask a CoCo question…she’s not eating her dog food…she’ll only eat treats etc….what do I do?? I’d appreciate the info…x

I bumped into one of the loveliest photographers ever the other day.
Jason Bell, he’s just so lovely and kind. I can’t wait to work with him again.
So, I’m off for a spot of pampering today with my chum Viv…nails, hair and a spot of lunch!
Lovely! But do not be mistaken, I’m working before, after and in the middle of it all! Ha! Sooo doesn’t bother me…
Happy Tuesday everyone!!
Let’s make it a great week!!
Sending Lots of gorgeous your way…

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