Life is sooo good!

Guess what you lot?!

I get to go home soon!!! Yay!!!!!
My best friend is having her baby (she’s being induced on the 5th for medical reasons) so I’ve gotta be there to be one of the first to hold my god child! And then on the 9th of September I’m coming home to present "The Pride of Merseyside awards" for all you good natured, good hearted and modest types in the Merseyside area!!! Yay!! You can still nominate people by the way….it closes on 4th august so email for entry forms.

I’m honoured!!! My family will be there too! Toooooo exciting! And there may be a chance for you all to pop along and see me opening a certain place around then too!

Ahhhhh! I’m so glad! I’ve been working so hard and I miss everyone so

Well I have to say my loves, (huh?! Have I turned 80 over night?! Who says "my loves"?! Errrr moving on…) I’ve done quite a bit of star spotting this week and spotted some people who aren’t "soo star-ish too πŸ˜‰ hehe) I was at The Hills party the other night and saw Audrina! Yay! And yes she was a little tipsy! Beautiful though! (Errr…thinking I might diet after seeing her though!) That was cool! MTV throw brilliant parties!!!!

Then we went to the Jaques townhouse opening on the same night! Loving Jaques it’s my summer drink so I was MORE than happy to go there! And saw a very well looking ex-Sugababe Keisha!!! I told her how amazing she looked! And she looked happy too so good for her!!! We then joined some lovely chums for a friend’s birthday bash….ooooof! And that’s when it for messy! Denise (loose women) was there and she is just a total scream! Love her!!! The paps went mad but we had a laugh and played up to it a bit! Hehe (moi?! No! No! Haha)

I went to Gary Cockerill’s book launch too and it HAS to be said…they put on a truly, truly wicked party!!! (Did you see me on Twitter with scantily clad boys and an over sized lipstick? Well, that was just some of the stuff going on! I was very jealous and am getting on the phone to my publisher to say…." pleeeaaaasssse can I have a book launch like that too for my fiction novel!!!?!" (because you know I’m putting in so so so much work on it…no ghost writer for me!!) Gary and Phil are very sweet! Katie was there too.

Hey guess who’s doing a slot on the One Show for next week??? Moi!!! Cool hey?! It’s about something VERY close to my heart so make sure you watch it!!

And also next week I’ve got to go and "view" the samples for my kitchen ware range!!! Yes! That’s right! As well as a cook book I’ve been designing lots and lots of pretty things for your kitchen!!!

Life’s good!
I’m VERY grateful for everyone’s faith in me! (Especially a certain few!!!)

And to top it all off I’ve been writing with the one and only Bill Padley who was a "whole again" writer and he wrote "that’s my goal" for x factor and Shane ward! Bill is such a sweety and I’ve known him for AGES so after catching up for a few hours we wrote a beautiful song!! Love ya bill!

Well love to all, check you next week and don’t forget I’m on Twitter (like ALL the time!!) I’m off to make some duck confit for the boyf and fees coco (check me out! Ha)



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