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I’ve been filming all last week. Getting up pretty early everyday.
Firstly I was filming for BBC3 ….noooo… Don’t get excited it’s not Hotter Than My Daughter. Not yet!! That all starts next month. I was filming for a programme about becoming an adult (now don’t take the P, I know I still don’t act like one!) But it got pretty deep and I know that our Jen was filming for it and the lovely girl from N-Dubz too. I’ll let you know when that one comes out!

I’ve been filming with TV chef and fellow Scouser (he’s a posh Scouser though!…ha he’ll go mad if he sees this!) Simon Rimmer for channel 5. I cooked my gorgeous beef Wellington but super duper simplified! It was yum! I can’t imagine working in a kitchen though because I had to cook it THREE times! You know what telly’s like. Also on Friday I went to the big brother house to film for BBLB….and OMG that Titan robot dude is soooooo scary! Poor Davina was squeezing my arm in the breaks trying to get away from him! I don’t blame her! Everyone was saying, "get a pic and put it on Twitter!" but I swear I couldn’t get close! I felt like I was in robocop!! Little CoCo was fascinated though! She had massive crowds round her the whole time too! Ah she’s such a star!!

I had even MORE cracking meetings too! GOD, I WISH I could just blurt it all out to you! Grrrrr!!

I got to have a bit of a boogie this week to actually. We went to the F1 grand prix ball! It was super fab and everyone loved my wannabe princess dress! I was even telling my exec producer for "Hotter than…" and ahe was laughing so much at how much I loved everyone saying I looked like a princess that she said she’s gonna get me a t-shirt that says "Queen of F-ing everything!" hahaha….but honestly shed be suprised because I’d never take it off! Ha!

I spent a lovely weekend on the isle of Wight again! Oooo it was scorching! I burt my bloody nose! Im such a pale arse! Mum calls it English rose and I’m like…no mum! Pale arse! Ha!

Now you lot, donnnnnn’t be forrrrrgeting that I’ve got race for life on Sunday so sponsor me!

I’m in the studio all this week again so here’s hoping I’ll have some fab stuff to play you!
Much and much and much much love,

Liz McC-toon-face


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