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Did you miss me?!
Fear not, this blog is a supersized blog because I was naughty and didn’t do one last week! Sorrrrryyy! Hey, what does "blog" mean anyway? Huh?

So I’ve had a fun filled two weeks! Enjoying what I hope was not the last of the sunshine in our lovely (but now quite rainy country!) I was in the studio (as those of you on Twitter already know) and wrote an amazing song called "worth suffering for" you’d think that was a bit if a sad song but actually it’s not….and btw…it’s very "whole again" It was so funny though because I took the dog and she had a brilliant time as they had a garden there! She was chasing birds (just like her uncle Joe McC…haha sorry boy!) and tolling around! Ah! But the weirdest bit of the day was…. I took a trip to the bath room (as one does) and a good half an hour later, back in the studio, we heard a shout….. I’D LEFT THE TAP ON!!!!!!! Omg! I’d flooded the whole downstairs!!! No joke!!!Everyone was so nice about it but for three hours we were mopping the water up! I was so upset with myself! It was funny in the end though!!! Ha!

I had to do a photo shoot the other day…(normal I hear you say?! Oh no…..) with no makeup on!!!! Argh! It was to highlight skin damage from the sun! You’d be scared though because we worked out that I’m really good with putting block on but still had a hood amount of damage because I’m fair! That’ll be out soon so watch this space and we’ll let you know on here!

Also I had a photo shoot with a lovely girl from the Honeyz (remember them) and Bewitched! Ah they were very sweet! We were talking about how our bodies had changed since being in our bands!! Errrr…hello!!! ALOT!!! It was a great day though! And as I’m sure you already know I took CoCo with me and she was the star of the show!!! Hehe One of my "sisterhood" girlies Bella had her art exhibition the other night and she is so talented! It’s weird, you think you know someone then they pull a talent like that out the bag and your gobsmacked! We all were! I got a chance to catch up with the sisterhood too which was great as I haven’t been able to see them for so so long because of work.

Last Saturday I went to the Essex polo which is organized by my friend Kirsty and her Husband Alex!!! I had an absolutely brilliant day and it was so funny because my boyf was looking super hot (everyone was saying! Ha! I was like "thanks very much!") and he kept getting hit on! Ha! It’s funny…at first!! (I know that right now there are a load of girls Reading this going "oh yes! I know what you mean!)….in the end I was like "give it a rest!" and he was hiding in the corner! Brilliant! Ha! Kirsty put on a gorgeous day for everyone and I was so bloody proud of her!

And then….on Sunday was Race For Life!!! What a day! I’m still hurting now!!! No joke! Kayney and I were totally done in!! CoCo ran for a good while but then of course I had to pick her up and no I have muscles on my right arm that u never knew I had! (Yeah she’s little but try holding a small dog whilst running for a few miles! ‘Err not again!!!) Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored us we are so very very grateful!!!!!

I saw the new studio that we’ll be filming Hotter Than My Daughter in!! It’s so much better than our old one and its going to look so sexy!! AND….I’ve heard about some of our new mums and daughters!!! Hahahaha….it’s just so much funnier and racy!! I can’t wait to start filming and for you to see it!

Straight after that Scott and I went to the plush Mayfair for lunch and a little bottle of wine! After getting papped outside with coco (which was in the papers yesterday and the called CoCo, "woody" odd!!)….alot of our friends were in town so one little bottle turned into a few and we had a brilliant day! Which ended in Ant Costa-pants coming back to see Rob (my boyf) in our house for a few more drinks. Hehehe!

Well, mum’s coming to stay this weekend, and tonight I’m taking her to meet her FAVOURITE Strictly Come Dancing star….Karen! Ron is friends with her hubby so now we’re chums I’d love to meet her! She’s gorgeous!!! They’re having a charity event tonight and mum is so so excited!!!

So, I promise not to leave it so long next time! Sorrrrryyyy!
Love ya’



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