Good things are occurin’ on planet McC!

Friends, chums, dudes and birds…

How’s it hangin’? (No rude replies please!)

I’m in a very light and lovely mood today…I have good feelings about Wednesday too! We WILL do this!

Have you all been checking out my World Cup recipes?! Liking them? I’m getting some seriously good feed back! (Get it?! "feed"? Haha)

So things are good on planet McC!
I went to watch and meet Michael Bolton the other day! What a genuine guy! Oh my god, we were just stood in Henry VIII bedroom at Hampton court having a nice chat! That’s one to tell the grandkids isn’t it!

Also, how sweet is this…I got a phone call from Carl (my tour manager who is working with Peter Andre too) he said can Peter have a word…I was like "errrr ok…"
He basically wanted to sort out all that stuff about…remember…someone decided to print that I’d said Peter has a girlfriend and I know who it is….which I bloody DID NOT…anyways…after that it was in his column saying something like I was telling porkys…but he wanted to make sure I knew he NEVER meant it like that, it was meant as in someone was telling porkys about me saying it…(you still following… cos I’m getting a bit confused too!) Anyway, just shows how everything can be twisted and turned from all angles.
But I thought it was very sweet of him to want to sort that out…!
Big up the Andre!
(But I will steel Carl back soon hehe)

I’ve been really trying to get my novel finished…it just takes so long (especially if you poo poo the idea of a ghost writer, like me!) I’m up to a pretty juicy part though so I cannot wait for you all to read it! Every time I give some of the draft to friends to read, my heart is in my mouth watching, and when they laugh, I’m hoping that they’re laughing at my jokes and not my spelling!!

We’re so close (in the Belta music camp) at finishing all the TV show meetings to so that is blummin’ exciting!
And we start filming the second series of Hotter Than My Daughter soon! Cannot wait! So if you think you know someone "suitable" (shall we say) for it then do let Endemol know! The more, the merrier!

Also, I’m on my health kick at the mo (as you might’ve seen on my
tweets) I’m trying to come up with recipes for weight loss and weight control but still being able to go out, live and generally stay happy (cos EVERYONE I know who trust to control their diet…isn’t!) so far I’ve got great low cal cocktails and things like that so stay tuned for all of that…x

Well that’s me for now…but I’ll catch you next week..
Oh.. and don’t forget to sponsor Team Belta at this years Race For Life, or just come cheer us on!

Love lil

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