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Hello you lovely lot,
I’m currently sat in a salon in London with my best chums Viv and Jaime and we’re on Michelle Heatons surprise hen day! Of course Katie price is here too (she’s one of Michelles bestests) and everyone is very much enjoying the champagne! We’re off to nails inc in a bit to close down the shop and take it over for full mani/pedis…yay! Ahh Michelle is overwhelmed (ha that maybe because I bought her a veil and learner plates! Ha! And Viv keeps saying that’s so cheap of me! Haha…so?!)
I’ve had a lovely week since I last wrote to you….I had a gorgeous relaxing weekend in the Isle of Wight for the bank holiday…such a great place! I also got to see Cheryl Cole sing at the O2 with black eyed peas and she was super duper! She’s come so so far and should be so proud of herself! Go girly!! Errr and HELLO Tom cruise got on stage with the black eyed peas! Ha! It was amazing buy my god…it’s a good job he’s a brilliant actor cos he was just shouting down the mike….ah ONLY JOKING, he was just having fun! And looked hot!!! (Sorry has to be said…you know you would!!)
But it’s not been all play this week…I’ve been filming a bit with Angela and friends (which isn’t really like work) and been getting some lovely WORLD CUP dishes ready for all you sexys! If you check the site all next week you’ll find them on here for all your world cup get togethers!!
I’m going to be really cheeky and go to France for the world cup…hopefully watching it on a beech being a TOTAL English loud mouth shouting "ENG-A-LAND!" everywhere I go! (What do u mean?! I’m no trouble causer!) haha! Even coco has an England shirt! (Rob bought that, not me!)
Ah I want to tell you so much more!!! We’ve got some CRACKING stuff happening, I’m so lucky and so excited!! For example, all my Scouser chums may have seen a story about me working with Michael Bolton….well it’s true!!!! Wooohhhooooo!
Chat to ye next week! :-p
Love ya!
Liz McC

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