Guacamole, Bacon and Chicken Sandwich

Prep: 5 mins    Cooking: 4-5 mins   Makes 2
Per serving: Energy 392kcal, Fat 14.2g, Of which saturates 4.0g, Total sugars 2.9g, Salt 1.72g


4 rashers streaky bacon 
4 medium thick slices Granary bread 
4-6 tbsp guacamole 
75g cooked chicken breast, sliced


1. Cook the bacon under a hit grill for 4-5 mins, turning, until crisp. Drain in kitchen paper and cool.
2. Lay the bread out on a board, spread both slices with guacamole. 
3. Top with the bacon and chicken, then sandwich together. 
4. Wrap in clear film and refrigerate if not serving straight away. Eat within 6 hrs of making.

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