Back from hols – back to work…!

Blogging ‘ell…….

……. it’s been a while hasn’t it….
I’ve just been working so hard and if I’m honest…partying JUST as hard too! Hahaha….
Speaking of which, I still don’t feel super normal after the radio 1 big weekend…as you may see from my Twitter pics from the end of Sunday…ooooo….fun!!
I bumped into the JLS chaps…had a little catch up and they were telling us how they got on in America…
Rihanna was class to watch and there was some mad stuff happening backstage. Haha…
Tim Westwood popped into the girls loo (because all boys loos STINK) and Ke$ha attacked a life size teddy! Haha
I’ve been back from my hols a couple of weeks now (thanks very much princess cruises) and I just want to go back…so I’m trying to book out sometime in June (fingers crossed)
The cruise was totally gorgeous!! So chilled, but fun when u needed it to be! We just thoroughly enjoyed it and now my mum wants to go…haha…I may join her!!! I do it again in a second!! I wonder if they do party ships…hehe
I was at lovely Dean Pipers 1st anniversary party last night with my girly chums Jude Cisse, Claire Merry and we were dancing the night away. Haha…dean was teaching me the Cheryl Cole parachute dance and I think I may have broken his toe trying to do the dirty dancing "lift" ….haha but we had fun…so congratulations doll!!!
I was on the David Dickinson show yesterday…he’s a funny one…haha…
I’ve been frequenting Angela and friends recently and I’ll be on again tomorrow…battle of the sexes!!! Oh yeaaaahhh!!
So watch me from 2:30pm…
I was at a lovely and worthwhile event the other night at the Cauldwell children butterfly ball…they raised SO MUCH money….I wish all fundraising events were that good!!!!
It was so sad though because the last one we went to, Stephen Gately was at…ah god…so sad!!
Well, I’ve got so great news for you…I’m in with some legend American singers!
Bryan Adams has given me two great songs for my album, and it’s looking very much like Michael Bolton and I will have a duet together next year!! Woohoo! He’s coming over in June and I’m sooo looking forward to it…the song is soooooo emotional and I can only hope I’ll do it justice before I pass out with fear!! Haha! Nah, I’m gonna give it everything!
That guy has got a voice like velvet! Soooo FRICKING excited!!
My little coco beanie has been goin’ to doggy day care! (no lie!) She hangs out with other pups and apparently all the other dogs follow her lead!! Ahhhhh I’m so proud haha. I’ve been working hard recently so when I pick her up at the end of the day we go crazy when we see each other! Ha! Seriously! It’s like mad!
It’s making me really think about having kids (but sooooooooooo no time soon!!!!!)
Not till at least after the album and tour next year (oops did I let something out of the bag then?!?!?!)
And of course….war of the worlds!! Rhydian and I had our photo shoot the other day and you will not believe how hilarious he is!!!! There are so many pics of us uncontrollably laughing they’re gonna make a feature of us messing around I think…haha…we had such a laugh! And I’ve made a new friend!
Go Rhyd!!
Well don’t forget it’s race for life time for me soon so please do sponsor me! We made a pretty penny for the charity last year (esp with my t shirt sales) so I wanna beat it this year!!!!!
If you click on this link you can do it….
I’m hoping to wear a pink football kit this year…
Get it?? World cup year….pink for the cancer charity…
If you have any better ideas PLEASE do tell us…via my Twitter (@lizmcclarnon) or email it to….
Well I’m off to get ready for a food event…
Much love and I’ll be back next week!
Lillllllllibeth xxxxxx

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