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Well, well, well…. It is official, I’m now 29!!….. and loving it!! But strangely since I turned 29 I’ve had nonstop heart burn….now, is that cos I’m old or because my alcohol intake has been sky high since that day?…hmmm…I wonder!! :-/

Well all last week I was on the Wright Stuff and I have to say I have noooo idea how he does it…how can you get up so early EVERYDAY!! I was bloody done in!!! LAZY?? Maybe…ah but so what…hehe… I did learn a lot on that show…as I have to say I’m not the brainiest of people (no no I know you wouldn’t believe that ;)..but it’s true…haha) but MY GOD do I have an opinion!! woo!

I was on Angela And Friends yesterday and it’s so funny how everyone falls in love with little CoCo everywhere I take her…(even on the Wright Stuff last week…everyone just wants her on the show…) Jen met her on Sunday night and she was speechless (I know, I didn’t believe it either) I’m gonna do a few more Angela and Friends this week (tomorrow and Friday) before I go on my GIRLY holiday with one of my bestests chums…Jay-face…hehe (I’ve decided thats her holiday name now!) We’ve got a penthouse room on a cruise around Southern Europe…and the best thing for me is, even if there are no planes, I’ll still get my holiday! WooHoo!!  Awwwwww….I feel really sorry for my mum, she was meant to go away on Saturday for a hol but she obviously couldn’t! Aw!! I have to say though…I know I’m all smiles but I REALLY do need this holiday!!! The family has had a tough time of late that has thankfully past now but I was close to melt down if I’m honest…..sooooo this hol will be something I’ll thoroughly enjoy!!

I went to Two friends premieres last week…. Firstly I went to see Jimi Mistry in "It’s a Wonderful Afterlife" – it was bloody funny!! Laugh out loud…that woman is a bit of a genius! Then we went to see Lee Ryan’s film "The Heavy" – it was bloody scary!! Such a boy film! Lee did very well and Rob and I had loads of our friends there so it was a bit of a catch up night! I also went with my brother Joe to the launch of Recognise magazine which looks GREAT! The party was a blast and I had loads of friends there from all the mags! Loved it!

Soooo…. as I said before I’m 29 now (my birthday was last Saturday) and we had such a great day!! I had loads of friends all come to a Teppanyaki restaurant and we had lovely food and LOTS of cocktails! Yum! Perfect…..BIG PARTY next year though!!!! Woo hoo…..

So I guess my next blog will be from the deck of a cruise liner…..Please don’t throw things at the computer if you’re reading this….jealousy is a terrible thing! Hahahaha…..sorry I had to, just that sooo many of my friends have had massive hols and I was so jealous!
Much lovings….

CoCo-Belle has a twitter account now…haha….i coudn’t help it!! She won’t tweet much though…because she sleeps so much!! ha  awwwwwwww it’s @cocomcclarnon .


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