S’upp Kiddas?!!

I just thought I’d take a minute away from the new addition in our family, CoCo-Belle (our black long haired Chihuahua – very rare- all together now…"awwwwww" )….to blog it up for you sexy blogging loveroverers…

I’m a Mumma finally and very proud of my pretty perfect angel! (still talking about the dog btw…) I was with Poppy-May and Tilly-Mint in Liverpool at the weekend doing a shoot for K9 Magazine..they loved it because they got lots of treats and toys. We’re gonna put some of the pics on here for y’all to see…too cute (doggies don’t look too bad either…hehehe !) I didn’t have CoCo-Belle then so all the little beautiful girls will meet next weekend…Till and Pop are always very welcoming! So yessss I was in Liverpool (home) yay! I had a few things to do…including spoiling mum ALLLL weekend!! Haha and guess what…she said it was the best mothers day weekend EVER! How gorgeous is that?! I was so happy! I also had to do a photocall for Sports Relief for their Liverpool Fashion Mile, because I can’t do this weekend when all the other Sports Relief bits are taking place and you’ve gotta do ye part haven’t you! So being home (even though i worked for most of the time) was just totally gorgeous!!!

I got to see my bestest chum Aimee and when we had a min we bought lots of baby stuff (she’s due in August) for my godchild… And obviously being home I had to have chips and gravy from the Lobster Pot in town haha….ooo yum! (hungry again now) It was all back to full on work on on Monday though…got up at 5am to get a train to Birmingham (*nods to Riad* – as of course that’s his home) to film for This Morning! I had a proper laugh with two lovely child actors! Blooming talented pair of kids! Nipping at my heals hehe. And we were at the Sea Life Centre…it’s such a good day out! The This Morning piece will be on next week so keep your eyes peeled on here to find out when exactly… And talking about going back to work properly, I was in the studio again today to do another vocal for one the singles…and *clears throat* Cough Cough, I nailed the vocal in 1 hour! Oh yes! (sometimes vocals can take hours and hours, almost a full day esp if you’re in a band)

Talking of songs… I just LOVE that Justin Beiber song "Baby"!! Ahhh I just cannot stop playing it!! Classssss!! Also Rihanna’s Rude Boy! Loving it!! Still loving True Blood! But it’s getting more gruesome as it goes on!! It wakes me a bit weak…haha Obviously no need to say how much I’m still loving Glee!!! Going to the Sandra Bullock prem next week and I’m so excited because I LOVE her and I’m so glad that finally she’s be recognized!! Yay!

Well I’m off now to cook and Irish stew and crack open the guiness after all it is Paddy’s day!!! Yum!

Don’t forget to tune in to Angela and Friends next Wednesday on Sky 1 to see me voice my opinions (cos we all know I like to!! Haha)

Speak next week laaaaaa!

*shouts*. "CoCo, where are youuuu? Come to mumma!"

See ya

Lil (Mum of one)


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