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Make sure you keep popping back onto on a regular basis as we are contsantly updating this site with great new pictures, ideas and ways to keep up to date on all in McClarnon World. 

If you are a keen cook, check out all the new recipes that have been added to the cookery section of the site. Some are those that Liz cooked during her time on Masterchef, others are just personal favourites she has discovered since being on the show. These are being updated weekly so make sure you keep checking back for new and delicious cooking ideas.

If you are more about your shopping and fashion, then Liz’s fashion page is just the place for you. Updated weekly, it features past and present stunning dresses, tops and accessories Liz has been wearing, with links to where you can purchase these items and the price. Anything you’ve seen Liz wear lately that you’ve loved and hasn’t been featured on the pages, then do let us know at: and we will get it straight up there for you.

Liz is also busy writing her blog each week to make sure you keep checking out her blogs page for all the latest news on what she has been up to, and all the celebrity gossip on anyone she may have spied out and about at parties and events.

The magic fairies that work behind the scenes at have been working hard over the past few weeks on a exciting new re-vamp, which will be coming your way very, very soon. As part of the this we will also be featuring Liz’s own cookery videos on the site. Liz has invited a camerman into her home to film her in the kitchen, cooking some of her favourite dishes, and also some very simple ones, just for you guys. The videos will be uploaded to the website as a tutorial of how to cook some superb dishes. Keep your eyes peeled for that, coming very, very soon.

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