Hello Birds and Boys!!

What’s new with yous? Wanted to check in with you and tell you how busy I’ve been this week…

Ahhhh I was in Devon on Wednesday with little Tilly Mint and Poppy May…our doggies….bloody gorgeous! And although they are usually a little naughty…they totally enjoyed themselves and were so so good for me in the car and that! I was so proud, everyone fell in love with them… We were filming for This Morning which will be on next Tuesday 9th, make sure you tune in…can’t wait to see them on tellly!! Hehe

Speaking of this morning it’s like my new face place to hang out! Haha! I was filming for them the other day and am doing more next week..haha…it’s great I get on with everyone so well there! Hey maybe they’ll give me a job like that Alison has…? (let’s start a petition! Haha "Get Liz On This Morning" hehe I’m naughty)

Oh god, I’ve gotta tell you I had a BRILLIANT studio session yesterday recording another "possible" single – written by a very pretty young blonde singer (no sillys, not me…;-) )
I have to say I did a cracking vocal!! I’m made up! Next week though I’ve got some serious studio sessions!! I’m recording THE single!!!! Woahhhhh! Hahahahahah live it kidda!!!!

Ooo hey, I’m filming this week for my website cooking lessons! You’re gonna love them! I’m gonna keep it SOOO simple!!! Prom! So hopefully we’ll get that up next week!!! Watch this space!!! I’m letting our little website fairies into my house to film me cooking, I’m really looking forward to it. Also regardung the site, we’re really getting to grips with the fashion pages now too so you’ll be able to find your fav outfits on my site and click on the links and order then or find out where to get them! Gosh, aren’t we just so good to you! Hehe. It’s all about www.lizmcclarnon.com and it is getting a revamp too so keep checking back to see when it all happens…woohoo!

Moving on to bigger and better things! Oh, I had some SERIOUS meetings last week which will hopefully mean you’ll be seeing a lot more of me soon! Fingers crossed! Do u know what, life just seems to be going so good!!! I’m proper grateful for the gorgeous and loving people I have around me…really! 

How much are we still loving Glee?! LOVE IT!!

Rihanna’s new song is off the charts brilliant and wow Justin Beiber’s Baby! -class! That is getting blasted in my car at the mo! So good! Errrrrr hello…where the hell have I been though?! I’ve ONLY just discovered "True Blood" brilliant! So I’m playing catch up! Ha

On a different note, I also saw the new boyzone video the other day :((( I cried hard!! It was lovely! Fitting! Moving! And the boyz did him proud! As a fan I’d just like to say, We miss you Stephen! Still! Also it’s very sad to hear about Kristian Digby and my thoughts go out to his family! I’m so sorry! I’m just hoping the Daily Mail’s Jan Moir will resist from putting pen to paper about this one…we all know what you think anyway love… Already (BEFORE the post mortem might I add) CERTAIN papers reported there was a sexual nature to his death…F OFF! Give it a rest!! GOD!

Anyways….that’s my rant over….
So I’ll shoot off now until next week
I have to go and prepare more recipes for you sexy lot!!!

And very quickly I’d just like to say, I found out recently that our lovely site here has been a little busy, apparently we’re one of the busiest websites around! Wow! So, that’s down to YOU and I want to say THANK YOU! We only do it for you anyway!

Love ye lots (let’s not get too soppy yeah)
Lillington face McC

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